Scholarbiz provides students with the opportunity to gain real-life experience in a flexible and entrepreneurial freelance environment. This benefits businesses through low cost, low risk, and socially responsible access to quality talent. Scholarbiz is committed to the student comunity and supports scholarship opportunities and encourages business clients to do the same.

Talented Scholars Doing Real Work

“Entrepreneurship is the catalyst for ideas both large and small that span a wide group of individuals”.

As business professionals look to create greater efficiency and productivity, one potential strategy for doing so is hiring external consultants with specific skills to complete projects of all sizes every day.  According to a report from the Aberdeen Group in 2012, 50% of U.S. Labor will be a “contingent” workforce by 2020.  This movement allows for a flexible workforce, one that matches the exact talent required, and is cost-effective for the business.  Scholarbiz gives businesses easy access to scholars who will be able to execute projects that are on their “to-do” lists, but often never completed due to a lack of resources or time.  Scholars will gain real-life business experience by leveraging their education to complete projects that will help them build a resume and tell their potential employers that they DO have relevant experience!

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We Give Students

  • Real-World Experience

    Real-World Experience

    Flexible, practical options to gain real-world experience to match their educational goals

  • Business Strategies

    Business Strategies

    Understanding of what it is like to run a business by building both time & project management skills

  • Work Approach

    Work Approach

    Access to actual business projects and exposure to a wide variety of industries

  • Community of Talent

    Community of Talent

    The ability to engage with other students to build a "Community of Talent" and work collaboratively on larger projects

  • Portfolio


    A portfolio of accomplishments to complement their education

  • Employment Opportunities

    Employment Opportunities

    Access to part-time and full-time employment opportunities while in college and upon graduation

Partnership Connection

  • Business Organizations

    Business Organizations

    Provide organization members access to cost-effective and talented resources. Help foster the educational and professional growth of students.

  • Colleges and Universities

    Colleges and Universities

    Complement current internship programs to help with student retention and recruiting.  Develop programs with professors to augment classroom experiences.  Build affinity relationships with alumni to help keep students engaged with the school.

  • Corporations


    Provide a way to augment current internship programs in a cost-effective, low risk manner that positively impacts local colleges and the student population.

  • Community


    Encourage businesses to use Scholarbiz as a way to give back to their school of choice.  Scholarbiz will donate a portion of its revenue back to partnering schools for student scholarships.