Business creates profile of project

Initiate Assignment


Connect with scholars for assignment details

Develop Relationships


Scholars complete project



Business accepts the project and provides feedback


  • Marketing & Branding

    Social media page creation and postings, electronic newsletters, brochures, flyers, Power Point presentations, etc. 

  • Writing

    Copyrighting, proofreading & editing, translation, website content, blogs, newsletters, etc. 

  • Research & Admin.

    Online industry research, contact list management (CRM), data entry, create documents & company manuals, etc. 

  • Technology

    Website content management support, SEO management, create online forms and editable PDFs, etc.

Have Students Do Real Work for You!

How many times have you thought about creating an online form or updating a portion of your website but simply did not have time to complete it?  If there are items on your "to do" list that never seem to be completed, Scholarbiz may be the answer.  Scholarbiz offers access to outside consultants with the time and talent to help you complete vital tasks.  Scholarbiz students will quickly turn routine projects into completed projects that will help you concentrate on what you do best; growing your business.

Students can create presentations, online newsletters, brochures, update web content, or assist with social media needs, among numerous other projects.  By engaging with Scholarbiz, you will be providing the talent of the future with relevant and valuable work experience that cannot be found in textbooks; experience that can make a difference at cost conscious price point.

Get Started Now

Access talent on an as needed basis

Leverage students to complete projects on your to do list.

Examples of completed projects and costs:

  •     Writing a press release- $50
  •     Research project and report- $80
  •     E-newsletter design- $40
  •     Prepare PowerPoint presentation compilation- $70 

Build relationships with your future workforce and provide students access to experience that matters.