How is Scholarbiz different from freelance sites?

Scholarbiz is a technology platform designed to provide college students access to practical work experience by giving them the ability to work on business projects posted by companies from all industries across the United States. Scholarbiz will provide students the ability to work on short-term business projects that complement their education and skill set.  They are able to work around their class schedule, from virtually any location, and are not locked into commitments that may not provide them quality experience.

How does Scholarbiz differ from internships?

 Scholarbiz will provide students the ability to work on short-term business projects that complement their education and skill set.  They are able to work around their class schedule, from virtually any location, and are not locked into commitments that may not provide them quality experieince.


What is a Community of Talent?

Students will create their Community of Talent by inviting fellow students to collaborate with them to complete larger projects.  This provides a group work setting, similar to what will be encountered in traditional business settings.

I haven't received a verification email, what should I do?

Send us an email at with the email address that you registered with and we will be sure to send you one.

What portion of my student profile do I need to complete?

Try to fill out your profile as much as possible, because it will help you stand out to more businesses and in turn, bringing you more project opportunities.

Can I still sign up on Scholarbiz if my school is not listed on the website?

Absolutely.  Just send us an email at, letting us know the name of your university and we will add it to our list of options.

Why do I need to connect a Dwolla account to my Scholarbiz account?

Setting up a Dwolla account and connecting it to your Scholarbiz account will make it easier for you to receive payment from Scholarbiz projects and transfer it to your bank account.

Is it perceived as a negative if I am not accepting projects?

We understand there will be times during a semester in which students will not be able to take on assigned projects.  Declining projects does not have a negative effect on your status with Scholarbiz or the businesses.

How many hours will students spend on projects?

Projects can range from 2 hours to 10 hours depending on the complexity of the project.   

How does having a Community of Talent benefit the student?

Students will select others to join their Community of Talent to help complement their skill set. If a student is selected to write and design a brochure, the main student with a design background can add a student with writing skills to complete the project.

How are fees shared with the Community of Talent?

Each business will have a main student assigned to complete the project.  If the lead student invites others from their community to help complete the project, fees will be shared with each additional student on the project.  The lead student receives 70% of the fee and their partner receives 30%.  If two partners are selected, the lead student receives 40% of the fee and each partner receives 30% of the fee. 

How does the student ask questions to the business?

Students are able to message the business via the Scholarbiz site and quickly resolve any issues or clarify the needs of the project.

Does the student pay a fee to join Scholarbiz?

No.  Scholarbiz is free to all students.  We only ask that students work hard and enjoy being part of the Scholarbiz community. 

Do students bid on new projects?

No.  As the students complete their profile, they will be matched to the business project based on their skills, experience, and education.

Are students required to work from the business's location?

No.  The students are able to work remotely, from any place with an internet connection.  This flexibility provides students the ability to work around their class schedule or other school activities.

How do students know the project was accepted?

When the student completes the project, they upload the project to Scholarbiz and the business is notified that it is finished.  The business will review the project and upon acceptance, the student will be notified and receive feedback from the business on their quality of work. 

How are project needs communicated to students?

Businesses will post their project by using main categories, sub-categories, and written descriptions (if necessary) to detail the project that they need completed.  The business can also define the software required, the look or feel of a project, and the time frame in which they need the project completed.  


How does a Community of Talent benefit the business?

By having access to a Community of Talent, businesses are able to leverage multiple students with varying skill sets for bigger projects. Having multiple resources available is like hiring your own consulting company. 

Do I have the option to submit a project that is not found on the project list?

 Yes.  You can submit your project with a detailed description and select the "other" category.  Scholarbiz will then identify the correct project category, determine the cost based on the project requirements, and post the project for student matching.

Can businesses post multiple projects?

Yes.  Businesses can post as many projects as they like and as often as they need assistance to complete each of them and is encouraged!

Do businesses pick the students to work on their project?

No.  Students set up their Scholarbiz profile and define their skills based on past experience, education, and knowledge.  Scholarbiz will match the needs of the business with the skill set of the student to produce the best possible match in order to complete your project.

What is the typical scope of a business project?

Projects are typically short-term in duration and can be anything from creating a logo or brochure, writing content for a website, or assisting with social media needs, among many others.  Projects can range from a few hours to a week.

Can businesses purchase blocks of student time for multiple or longer term projects?

Yes.  Businesses can purchase blocks of hours each month knowing they will have multiple projects that need to be completed during a specific time frame.  This creates flexibility for businesses if they have a larger project need or if the project is longer than a week in duration.  Purchasing blocks of hours also helps with internal budgeting.

Can a business professional request a student from his/her alma mater?

Yes.  Business professionals can select their alma mater to include in their profile.  If a preferred school is chosen, Scholarbiz will then use that criterion when assigning the project to the student.

How is the cost of a project determined?

Project costs are flat-fee based depending on the complexity of the project and the time needed to complete the project.  This helps businesses plan their costs much easier based on specific needs.

What happens if there are unused hours in a month where a block of hours were purchased?

The business can choose to rollover the unused hours into the upcoming months or Scholarbiz can convert these hours into dollars and donate the money as part of the Scholarbiz established scholarship designated for the business's school of preference.